Time Machines

As a 10-year old child, I was fascinated by time machines and spent a lot of time drawing them. In my mind, these were large warehouse size machines capable of transporting a human being through time. The more elaborate, the better. Blank section of paper to fill? Maybe throw in an extra knife switch or Van Der Graaf generator. As an adult, I think my fascination had more to do with complicated electronic equipment than time travel (though time travel is still cool).

Time Machine #1

My favorite time machine drawing. Note the two staff members with Uzi submachine guns nearby just in case.

Time Machine #2

Another time machine drawing. This one is staffed by primitive stick figures, one of which is being transported into the future to the year 5000!

Time War

Of course, my team and I would be called upon to defend the time machine against the inevitable Nazi attack. Note the Iron Cross located on the Jeep door and the swastikas on the airplane tails. I'm not sure if the flame thrower guy belongs to "us" or the Nazis. (Probaby "us".)

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